Dear Mal,

I wanted to write and thank you for me outstanding website ‘Alsoomse Pixie Bob‘. You really have outdone my expectations. I am absolutely over the moon with it and have had so many compliments. I am thrilled to inform you I have also won awards for my website.

I found you to be so approachable, understanding, very professional and no question was too small. You took all my worries and concerns away. To just sit back after my initial conversation with you and not have the worry or have the hassle of my website was fabulous. Then to have the peace of mind that you could also purchase my domain name and cover my hosting for me all in one place was just the icing on the cake.

I can’t believe after I tried and explain to you my ideas (sorry for all the calls) that you just knew what I was trying to achieve. You were always so polite and nothing was too much trouble. I was also very impressed with the cost of my website after ringing around several companies and putting the phone down flabbergasted at what they seem to think was a reasonable cost, thank goodness you were recommended to me. Web Magik real do put their clients on top of their priorities. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and I would highly recommend your services to all.

Once again a huge thank you.

Donna Cox

  Mal does me proud. He runs my personal website, built and manages my publishing website and built a site for my film "Cass" which knocked the official website into the proverbial cocked hat. When I ask for something to be done I know that it'll be done usually within a day or so. If it's ultra urgent then it's done immediately. My publishing website relies on being completely up to date and my team knows that when they email Mal with an update that it will get his priority.

Cass Pennant


My name is Dave Lea

I work in the heart of Hollywood as a stunt/fight coordinator and a choreographer as well as preparing actors for action roles.

I had someone here in Los Angels create a web site for me a few years ago. Sadly that person was in the 'learning stages' . What do i know??? Then after much thought I hired another person who gave all the talk of the greatest web site creator and I looked at a few of his creations - still not understanding the 'behind the scenes' of these most complicated areas of internet. I hired him. Once again still not happy.

I was told by a friend of mine in London about this guy 'Mal' based on my friends site. I got in touch with him. Now keep in mind that I live in Los Angeles and if you can't find a top-of-the-line web guy here??? But on contacting Mal and giving him my vision he dialled right in to me. Sure many people have their own ideas. It's like getting a hair cut ... I wear the hair not the person who cuts it -.or buying an outfit ... I wear the clothes not the seller. Besides, they are all after sales!!!!

I found Mal to be laid back (yet overseeing all that I was wanting and steering me clear of things that I was uncertain of) and stepped up when he felt the need to, never pushing or forcing me to do something I was not sure of. Most important: he was also smart enough to 'protect all my images ' (see my web site) against people taking the photos for media purpose. The other 2 people never did this.. Mal gave me the deal of a life time. He was also very confident in himself. He started work on the site before I gave him any money ... the sign of a man who knows what he is doing. He continues to look after my web site. and I highly recommend him to any one. After all, when you are promoting yourself at a high level you get the highest person you can. Mal to me is not that far from 'Bill Gates' Why? He believes in what he does and takes a personal interest in his clients.

Mal, thank you for your trust, patience and putting up with me over this time. You are a stand up honest man and do much more than you get paid for. I look forward to continuing to always improve what you/we have created.

Thanks Mal,
Dave Lea

  Hi Mal,

Thanks for everything youve done. Getting BBCs Johnny Kingdom as a judge last year was outstanding and far above and beyond the call of duty and got us a lot more donations as well as the coverage on Johnnys BBC series. The website you designed for us still gets us a lot of donations and interest and the press coverage you arranged really did make a difference. We would 100% recommend you to anyone who needs a website. Please keep up the good work keeping the website up to date. Are you competing again this year?

  Dear Mal,

I am writing on behalf of Misunderstood to thank you for the work you do for Misunderstood by running our website, without which we wouldn't be able to reach as many people as we do. The number of ADHD sufferers increases every day and through the website we can reach more people. So, if anyone out there needs a Web Master they need look no further than you. We at Misunderstood are very glad we have you doing our website and long may you continue to do so.

With very best regards,
Jaqui (Secretary)
  Hi Mal

Thanks for a fantastic website "Rock Star Katz" I don't know what I would have done without you.

I am so lucky that you were recommended to me, after speaking to numerous web designers I was starting to get disillusioned that there was no one out there who could design a website that was unique to me and represented my vibrant personality.

In addition there was a time when I thought I would be taking out a second mortgage to cover the cost, but thankfully you came to my rescue once again and provided me with a quote which was excellent value for money and included everything from the domain name to hosting.

I hope you don't have nightmares following all my calls and emails (you must have the patience of a saint). Your professionalism and expertise gave me great confidence and it was a pleasure to work with you through the initial development stage to final completion.

You will always be a STAR in my eyes and I will have no hesitation in recommending you and your company (let Web Magik ROCK YOUR WORLD with a fantastic website).